If you are new to Germany or planning to come to Germany on long-term plans, here is a list of things you should know, to make your settling-in effortless. Here you could find the information relevant to settling in Germany. The list below will give you an overview of the basic needs in your first couple of months.

Finding a home and moving

You might have come to Germany with a limited contract on an apartment or decided to move into a better apartment once you are here. You might also be looking for a home already from your home country.

City Registration

Every new citizen in a city (that means, also when you move inside of Germany from one city to another) has to register himself at the city hall(Rathaus) in the first couple of days of arrival.

Cell phone

Once you are done settling up, you need to stay connected and keep in touch with friends and family. When you are new to the country, you might have no sim card at all.

Opening a bank account

It is one of the first steps after moving into a new country to choose a bank that fits your needs and open up an account. Varying from a current to a savings account all major banks offer these facilities. Once you have an address you should open a bank account ASAP, because you are going to need it.

Getting (mandatory) Health Insurance

German citizens are lucky to have their medical needs covered through a government-mandated insurance system. This means that you MUST pay for insurance. You will be asked for your insurance documents at many points during your time in Germany — at work, at college, or even when you are traveling, if there should arise a need.

Getting ready to work — The Tax Office

For you to be able to find a job and receive a salary, you definitely need some information from the tax office. Once you are settled in, you need the tax office at different points of time in your life in Germany, for filing your tax returns, or to claim your tax refunds.

All you need for your new apartment in Germany

Once you find a room or an apartment, depending on the type of accommodation and contract you have, you will have a few tasks at hand. This does not just mean furnishing your house and paying the rent but also finding your energy provider, gas supplier, and such tasks.

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