Add description for your Article from here.The cost of coverage is going to be a factor for many landlords like you when deciding whether or not adding this type of coverage makes sense. Unfortunately, the cost is going to vary widely depending on where you are and what the offerings in your area are.


Regardless, you may be able to balance the cost of adding this type of insurance Mietkaution into the base monthly rent depending on your area and profit margin. The insurance is a reasonable expense for your business if you consider the protection it adds, so factoring this cost into your rent calculation is something to think about. Many property management companies offer this type of insurance through a third-party with their services, so that is something to consider as well if you use or plan to use a property management company.



A tenant who cannot or refuses to pay rent is a landlord’s worst nightmare. In most cases, individuals and companies who lease property have several policies to choose from, including the option to insure buildings and their contents as well as the legal expenses of getting a tenant evicted. Some of these policies might refer to something called “rental cover.” However, that does not mean that they will be reimbursed if the tenant falls into arrears. Rent guarantee insurance, a relatively new import from the United Kingdom, is now being sold in the United States to fulfill those particular needs. These products are specifically designed to protect a landlord’s income in the event that their tenant defaults on payments. can be filed as soon as