Attorneys are looking to efficiently manage documents and emails in their legal practice management solution. Efficient handling of documents and emails will increase billable time for lawyers, saving effort when searching precedents and standard approved clauses. Depending upon the state bar association mandates, matter documents must be retained as records and available for eDiscovery and legal holds.  These requisites necessitate the need for legal tech solutions  in the law office to be compliant and grow profitability.

Best Legal DMS

PageLightPrime legal document management solution  is built for modern law firms. Legal DMS available on Microsoft 365 for matter team to manage all matter contents and communications in a single collaboration platform. Documents are made available to team members from the Web, Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Mobile device. Artificial Intelligence guided search for identifying any documents in the case management solution, respecting matter, organization, and governance security.

Legal document assembly software  will help lawyers and secretaries to automate document creation from the existing clause bank, terms, conditions, and disclaimers. Template based document creation can speed up the delivery time for process driven practice areas like conveyancing, personal injury litigation and family. Law firms can offer the document assembly tools to their customers as value added service so standard documents like NDA, SLA or shareholder documents can be assembled based on legal workflow software  defined and managed by the law firms without the need to involve lawyer time. DMS must also serve as the law firm email management solution for saving all outgoing and incoming emails.  Email properties are extracted and tagged as metadata when saved in the matter folder. Document sharing with external users is enabled through the law firm client portal. Customers can request case updates, receive documents to be reviewed and track any tasks that need to be completed as required by responsible attorney or support staff.